John Smith

Rowingbike v Rowingtrike

Having now owned a Rowingbike for over 3 years, the first year was with an early machine with a steel cable and a modified derailler system and the last 2 years I have had a modern machine with the revolver system and also having a Rowingtrike for 15 months I thought I would write a short note to explain how, in my opinion, I have found riding the 2 machines. The reason for buying the Rowingtrike was partly for my wife to use (which so for has not happened much) and to allow me to go out in wet and slippery conditions that I would be reluctant to ride my Rowingbike in having fallen twice and not only damaged my bike but quite badly hurt myself! I like to ride at least 3 times a week and try to cover approx. 150km. but this varies depending on work etc.

Riding the Rowingtrike is a completely different experience to riding the Rowingbike but no less fun or enjoyable. The workout element is very similar although I have found the my average speed on the Rowingtrike to be slightly slower, the ability to relax and enjoy the ride and experiment with different rowing techniques more than compensates and just knowing that however bad the road conditions are, you will not be hitting the tarmac.

Which bike I choose on any day will obviously depend on the conditions but also my mood as I sometimes take the Rowingtrike out on a dry day just to enjoy rowing on a machine that handles (corners,brakes etc.) in such a different way. I love both machines and I have found that I use them about 50:50 but if I had to choose just one it would have to be the Rowingtrike as it allows me to keep rowing come rain or shine 12 months of the year.