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Note: this model is no longer available. However, service parts can still be purchased.

The main changes compared to the regular 222

The most important advantage of the custom made rear hub is the freewheel system that has an instant grip in contrast to regular bicycle hubs. The Roller Ramp freewheel clutch gives you instant grip on the rear wheel on every stroke. I had to develop my own rear hub to eliminate this perhaps one centimetre of play that you have on your foot slider on the beginning of each stroke.
A very funny thing when you compare the costs of this hub to the result; is it worth to pay € 850.- more for a bike to get rid of one centimetre play? Well I can assure you that it has costed me a lot more than this amount and I do not regret developing this hub at all, it creates a kind of Rolls Royce feeling 40 to 45 times a minute that is just worth it.