Terms of delivery

Risks and liability

Test riding, renting or borrowing a (rowing)bike from Thijs Industrial Designs

The risk of using a rowingbike is always explicitly on the account of the rider. The rider is always responsible for damage, loss or theft of the rented or borrowed item, unless there is a clear cause or reason which can be traced back to failure or omittance by THYS. By accepting a rowingbike for testing, borrowing or renting, the rider agrees with this explicit requirement.

Disclaimer for owners of the Thijs Rowingbike
Just like riding any other bike, there is a possibility of a bike accident while riding a Rowingbike.Every time, prior to riding the Rowingbike, the rider should do a thorough examination of their Rowingbike. For example: checking tire pressure/quality, brakes and cables (in good condition, not off track), seat, steering bar and wheels firmly attached. It is the Rowingbike rider’s choice to ride and if so, to take responsibility to decide at what speeds to ride and what risks to take. Thijs Industrial Designs cannot be held liable for any damage to rider, Rowingbike or other parties that may result from a Rowingbike accident or material failure that could occur as materials cannot be 100% guaranteed.

Should any material failure come to notice, Thijs Industrial Designs should be notified immediately and rider should discontinue riding the Rowingbike until the matter has been cleared. If Thijs Industrial Designs discovers any material problem that would affect Rowingbike riders, riders will be notified as quickly as possible by email and/or posting on the website.

Note: our American customers need to sign the above disclaimer prior to purchasing a Thijs Rowingbike

Offers and deliveries according to HISWA sales and terms of delivery filed at the District Court in Amsterdam on 1-4-1969 under No. 62.