Thys 240 CVT

Thys 240 CVT

A lower design

Note: this model is no longer available. However, service parts can still be purchased

The low Thys 240 is a much tested model, the first prototype was already in use prior to the Thys 222. The 240 was considered rather extreme by the public, but is now manufactured in a limited edition.

The 240 is with its seat height of 36 cm 16 cm lower than its bigger brother. The seat angle is a couple of degrees more reclined. Also the 240 stresses the abdominal muscles more. The rails of the foot slider are considerable higher positioned with respect to the rider, which contributes to improved aerodynamic properties compared to the 222. Because of its higher turning-point, the steer can be pulled further to the back, which enables the rider to remain in a more reclined position.
This results in a cruising speed around 3 km/h faster than the 222 model.
Al the gadgets like the roller clutch hub and CVT shifting system are integrated in the 240.
The turning-circle is just slightly bigger than of the THYS 222.

The 240 has a mono hub front wheel, thus creating space to keep the cables close to the front wheel. The robust front fork has a 1 1/8 inch head set . The partly self-designed front hub (also partly M5 Recumbents), is like the roller clutch hub equipped with the unique adjustable ball bearing system, which guarantees the smoothest running!