Day 3: Antwerp – Seraing / 180 km

Today we’re able to put Derk at 9.10 AM on the rowingbike. Again he departs unfaired and under sunny circumstances.

First stop: Lummen. Derk arrives here at 11.16. He detoured a little, but, as he says himself, those are all additional kilometres! Everything still going well. With this first part he has covered almost 30 percent of the day-trip and it’s still well before noon. At 11.40 AM he continues.

The Rowingbike Team is getting more at more efficient. Frans proves to be the only one who can bring a little bit of structure in our financials. Kees makes superb meals en the internet stuff is getting shape. Kees and Frans drive the camper, I’m the navigator. Apart from this, there are several other things to do: clean up the camper regularly, planning routes, buying food, cleaning the dishes, helping Derk with his rowingbikes, checking if Derk isn’t forgetting something as usual, and so on…

On to Bassenge. Kees prepares a big pasta supper. Right in time for his food, but a little later than we expected Derk arrives. He tells us that he fell while turning a corner. He didn’t saw a several centimetres high ridge in the road en tripped over it. His speed was not too high (20 – 25 km/h), so he got away with a minor scratch on his bottom. Lucky Derk!

Without further stops Derk rides on to Beaufays, the final destination for this day, close to Luik (Liege). Despite a couple of steep climbs and some wrong turns he arrives at 17.40.

Immediately we ride on to Huy, the start for tomorrow. This may prove to be a harsh day.