Day 18 – Neris les Bains – Neris les Bains / 150 km

While approaching Paris, the daily trips get a little less interesting. Today the time trial over 61 kilometres is planned. The real Tour rides from Montlucon to Saint-Amand-Montrond. Because of the planning, Derk hasn’t done some kilometres on flat terrain in the Pyrenees and during these days it’s a good time to do them. Just around 2.00 PM he leaves and he returns at 20.00 PM with 149,74 km done. The average is 29,4 km/h and the maximum speed is 76 km/h. He did the planned stage of the Tour de France in both directions plus some additional kilometres.

During his trip no special situations did occur. Well, just a dangerous bull loose on the road. Or maybe just a bull, it didn’t seem that dangerous. On closer look it just as well might have been a cow.

Kees made an excellent meal as usual, which is consumed right after Derk’s arrival.

Derk’s eating habits during de Rowingbiketour are somewhat peculiar. The number of meals can’t be described in just a breakfast, a lunch and a diner. He just keeps on eating and nobody can even start guessing were he stuffs all of it.

The general eating pattern can be described easied by the word ‘enormous’. The amounts of pasta, bread and other sources of rowingbike fuel which are consumed are hard to imagine for the Rowingbike crew. Let alone for a normal person. The cook of the √©quipe has similar problems: how to provide our sportsman with enough food the day through?