Windsurfing titles won by Derk Thijs

11 april 2014


ws: Windsurfer Class
wg: Windglider Class
oc: Open Class
hw: Sailed in different weight classes (heavy)
oa: No different weight classes (overall)

World Champion

1974 Lake Ontario, USA ws hw
1975 Bendor, France ws hw
1975 Bendor, France tandem oa
1976 Nassau, Bahama’s ws hw
1976 Port Grimaud, France tandem oa
1977 Ocho Rios, Jamaica oc oa
1978 Martinique, French Antilles wg hw

European Champion

1973 Sylt, BRD ws oa
1974 La Ciotat, France ws oa
1975 Maarssen, The Netherlands ws oa
1976 Volendam, The Netherlands ws hw
1976 Etang du Stock, France wg hw
1977 Tylösand, Sweden ws hw
1977 Möhnesee, BRD tandem oa
1978 Port Grimaud, France wg hw
1978 La Marmorrata oc oa
1980 Veerse Meer, The Netherlands wg hw

Dutch Champion

1974 Nieuwkoop ws oa
1975 Paterswolde ws oa
1976 Veere ws oa
1977 Veere ws oa
1978 Flevostrand oc oa
1978 Veere wg oa
1979 Veere wg oa
1980 Veere wg hw

Keeper of the world speed record in the 10 m2 class (19.1 knots) from October 1977 till May 1980.

Officially recognized by the R.Y.A. (Royal Yachting Association).

Delta flying:

  • 1979, Dutch record, 5 hours and 4 minutes, set in Zoutelande (it stood for +/- 2 years).

Handbiking (armpowered bicycle):

  • 21 September 1994, world hour record handbiking in the roofed velodrome of Bordeaux : 32,835 km.