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Rowingbikes sold out, a very awkward feeling

18 November 2020

Late summer 2020 I noted the order for the last carbon THYS 209 on stock.
I still have quite a few 209 frames to be assembled and delivered in 2021 but all stock is now pre-ordered.
I have very mixed feelings about it. For me the rowingbike sport is still the most fun sport available but doing -and developing- nothing besides rowingbike assembly and sales is not my ideal future vision.  That is why i decided some time ago not to have anymore large series of the rowingbike frames made.

For now i want to concentrate on developing a row foil, an idea that is hanging around in my mind for a few decades now.  The main idea is to get a forward rowingbike movement on a small vessel that will be ‘’flying’’ close above the waterline on two small hydrofoils. One of these foils is also mains of propulsion; on a rowing stroke it moves through the water as a dolphin tail thus creating trust besides lift.
Developments on foils are so enormous in kite – & wind- surfing as wel as sailing, it is really time for this development to happen. If i might not succeed in the row foil somebody else will…the same as how it went on my earlier ideas on the sinker surfboard and the kite surfer. See here.

By not making any more large series of rowingbikes i also hope to create time for longer rowingbike tours, perhaps rowing to Greece in stead of flying. I hope the corona situation will allow these trips again…..

In the mean time i will be supplying parts and doing maintenance for all rowingbike riders, off course we need to keep on rowing!!
Local dutch television made a short item on my change of course, you can see it here.