Rowingbike research & development

7 February 2023

Development of rowing bikes continues.

Despite the halting of rowing bike production, the development of the rowing bike concept continues.

Reinforced versions of the Snekken, foot slider ring, steering pivot point and steering fork are now available. Very rarely if you overtightened the clamping bolt of the steering fork or steering pivot point, it could break. If you do not exceed the 11 NM tightening torque, they will remain intact. The new reinforced versions can take more, but the advice remains to tighten 11 NM to the maximum, which is sufficient to clamp the handlebars.

It is also a property of aluminum that as it ages it becomes harder and perhaps slightly more brittle and constant stress on the material can cause fatigue.

Unfortunately, the prices of the suppliers have risen enormously, which has everything to do with the more expensive raw materials and sky-high energy prices. I had to partly implement these increases in the selling prices of the parts.