Martijn Rempt wins dragrace at Cyclevision 2012

13 April 2014

Martijn Rempt proved at Cyclevision that a rowingbike can be really fast during sprinting. And that he is the right person to demonstrate this. And vise versa, because Martijn is really fast and the rowingbike is the right tool

I always had the suspicion that the rowingbike during such a short sprint should be faster, due to the anaerobic muscle use. The rowingbiker uses more muscles in which a lack of oxygen builds up. Therefore the rowingbiker should be able to briefly transfer more horsepower to the propulsion.
I’m curious if this trick will be performed more often in the future. In de short film Martijn is not just a little bit faster, he could almost encircle the recumbent rider a couple of times during the sprint final.