Merijn Wijnen buys second hand 209

Comments: After a trial on a 222 via I managed to buy a second hand 209. It was a short version with the old snek and ring, so I overhauled the machine, modified  snek and ring for easy cable replacement, put on a long boom and put on  a single-side mounted front fender.
I was planning to use the 209 for limited nice weather use. To my utter amazement it is replacing my other recumbents completely. Only when I need to move more stuff than the roets can take, I switch to my Flevoracer. But everything else is roetsed.

I find that special clothing is not important, I just roets in my working clothes. A major advantage nobody mentioned up to now is that a wet back is something of the past. It is way cooler and dryer than the ventiseat on the Flevoracer, especially in hot weather.

I love the ZEN-like experience, the speed (36 km/h cruise, 32 average) and the variety of strokes you can make. A bicycle is always the same, but on the roets you can choose: more or less upright, more or less arm use, short or long strokes.

I was planning on building a new carbon MBB recumbent, but I doubt if it will get much use. I probably will start with a small carbon tail fairing for he 209, to increase the luggage capacity, its only weak point.

Conclusion: it is here to stay, as long as I can ride it.