Crossing Europe on a rowing bike

21 May 2014

Bartel’s challenge to ride from Athens to Amsterdam on a THYS Rowingbike In agreement with Bartel I’ll report here from his long distance tour. Slight track description Start: Athens Airport – following the coast line of the Adriatic Sea crossing Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegownia, Croatia – crossing the Alpes via Slowenia, Austria, Germany […]

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New Rowingbike website

5 March 2014

We’ve been developing this new Rowingbike site for several months now. The previous website was outdated and less suitable for smartphones, tablets and so on. This new website isn’t finished yet and due to the start of the new rowingbike season there’s simply not enough time to transfer the huge database in one go. So, […]

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Flying like a bird: Todd Reichert did it!

17 June 2013

It is possible to make an human powered aircraft propelled by a rowing(bike) movement. On this page you can see the principles of this plunging wing aircraft and some preliminary designs. Check out these great video’s Canadian Todd Reichert did it on August 2 2010: flying like a bird! The first flight of a human […]

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