Wroets, Rowfoil

1 March 2019

This simple drawing shows what it should look like in the end, a streamlined fly boat hull on 2 hydrofoils. The foils can be steered and pushed down in a rowing stroke. The angle of attack of the propelling wing can be adjusted to get thrust. So we are using the plunging wing principle like any […]

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June 15, 2019, Rowingbike tour in Leimuiden , NL

29 December 2018

Our ‘’Males king’’, Bartel lamers, is organising the 2019 rowingbike tour in Leimuiden, the Netherlands. On Saturday June 15, 2019 you can choose to ride a short ± 55 km tour or the longer ± 90 km tour. Start and finish point will probably be camping de Straat-hof in Leimuiden, Zuid- Holland. After the tour […]

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Wroets ( Waterroets)

15 March 2018

For many years I am thinking and dreaming of a plunging wing watercraft propelled by our ideal rowingbike movement. You can see the prinicipal technics of a plunging wing watercraft on this video from aquaskipper   The same principal makes the Canadian Snowbird ornithopter project  fly. Rowingbike participated as partner and sponsor in this project.  In this […]

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