European Championships 2001

Saturday 15 September 2001

Like the last couple of years the European Championships Rowingbike were again spectacular to watch and participate in. With 52 contestants the EC has grown considerable in comparison to last year.

Besides last years European Rowingbike Champions, a half golden Olympic eight is at the starting line with the top athletes Ronald Florijn, Nico Rienks, Henk-Jan Zwolle and Niels van Steenis. Famous Dutch skiff specialist Frans Göbel ( 2 x world champion and 12 times winner of the skiff head race) will also be found in the front of the pack!

During the two days of the EC a number of races are held. The start is a criterion on the island Neeltje Jans, which is won by Derk Thijs, the builder of the THYS 222 Rowingbike. Ed Komen en Theo Homan are the numbers two and three.

Later on the Saturday the spectacular 500 metre sprints are held. With maximum power the bikes are rowed to the finish line, sometimes resulting in though competition between the contestants. The finals will be tomorrow.

It’s not just racing during the EC. A group of rowingbikers make a beautiful tour around the Oosterschelde. Via a marked route, a nice ride is made along the Stormvloedkering and over the Zeelandbrug.