Day 8- Morteau – Aix-les-Bains / 223 km

Comfy through Confort.

Comfy through Confort.

Derk plans to ride all the way to Aix-les-Bain today. After a stop in Petite-Chaux to eat a couple of slices of bread, we go on to Confort, a village 30 kilometres west of Geneva. The route is breathtaking. Beautiful green forests, giant outcrops of rock, little villages in deep valleys en terrifying ravines.

The temperature keeps rising and the sun is burning incessantly. Derk is clearly affected and uses a lot of factor 30. After eating a shipload of pasta in Confort, Derk is determined to row on Aix-les-Bains.

In the hope Derk is able to finish the last 64 kilometres, we drive on to the camping in the village of Brison-St. Innocent. This is where we find Eric Rotte and his wife Thea. The true fans will remember him from the start in Kamperland, where he held a little speech. He works for the television (Omroep Zeeland) and got hold of a camera which he’ll use to make numerous recordings!

Derk is very pleased with his arrival, he was unaware that his visit was possible.

After some wanderings we found a camping in Aix-les-Bains. Derk came shortly. He did it again! Notwithstanding the heaviness of the stage, he enjoyed the impressive landscape. He’s looking forward to the even heavier stage of tomorrow.

Let’s hope has enough stamina left for the Alps.