Day 4 – Huy – Verdun / 210 km

At 8.45 AM Derk is on his way. It promises to be a hard ride: a lot of steep climbs. The weather is also far from cooperative: dark clouds and now and then heavy showers. Derk’s face shows some concerns: what to expect today?

No worry, Derk makes a fine start: we’re waiting for him in the little village Halma when we see his race by at the end of the street. Yelling is pointless, let’s just follow him. We intercept south of Redu. We pass him during a steep climb and hear his heavy breathing. At the next stop he’s completely soaked.

The weather improves slightly and the road continues through breathtaking forests, mist is coming from the green treetops ahead.

Second stop in La Cuisine (just north of Florenville). Kees brews in his own cuisine a new pile of spaghetti. For now the pasta’s work fine for Derk, so no reason to stop now.

During the last part Derk succeeds without any effort to get soaked again. But, despite wind, cold, rain and countless hills, his supply of positive attitude is not depleted at all.

During supper Derk is tired and sleepy. No wonder, after more than a thousand kilometres!