Day 2: Calais – Antwerp / 235 km

Derk starts at 9.13 AM and heads for Belgium. In Kaaskerke, near Diksmuide, Derk consumes some soup and takes in some new energy, after which he quickly goes on to Kruipuit. A funny name in Dutch, it means ‘crawl out’. Derk crawls out of his fairing and immediately attacks a big pile of…. Spaghetti Bolognese!

During the second stop there’s a change in bikes. Derk moves on without a fairing on the low 240. On the not so good roadsurfaces he’s much more able to manoeuvre quickly if necessary. The constant attention he needs to give the roadsurface is very hard from inside the fairing, apart from that it’s rather warm too. And now to Zwijndrecht, near Antwerp.

At 18.50 PM Derk arrives in Zwijndrecht, less tired than yesterday. The unfaired last trip was to his liking.

With Derk safely in in the camper we cross the chaotic Antwerp. East of Antwerp we hope to find a camping, which proves to be hard. At last we find a youth hostel, which is unfortunately closed. However, somebody is present and offers us a place to sleep.

Short after arrival Caroleen calls us and tells us that de first reports are on the internet! Marc, absolutely great!

Derk is much more energetic than yesterday and doesn’t seek his bed immediately.