Annual row congress KNRB

6 November 2013

The royal Dutch Row Union had her annual row congress in the Aegon office in De Hague on January 26 2013. 250 directors and several (top) rowers attended this congress.

A nice surprise for Menno van Blitterswijk: he received a THYS 209 Carbon from Roompot Vakanties and Thijs Industrial Designs.

In September 2012 Menno won for the third time the European Championships Rowingbike. His first two victories were exciting up till the last sprint, since the completion was between three or four contenders, but last year Menno was from a different league and won everything on the EC. A feat never shown before.

Menno is especially focusing on the row boat at the moment and tries to enter the selection of the KNRB. He’s very close, if I’m informed correctly. With hos Concept II PR of 6.09 his is among the best 30 in the Netherlands. He had the right stuff: enthusiastic, fanatic, but in the healthy, sportive manner.

During the EC I was in first position together with Menno, when a serious crash took place behind us. Menno braked even faster then I did and yelled something like „this doesn’t look good, I’m helping them.“ That’s the kind of mentality I like to see in sports.

Being a student, Menno’s financial possibilities a limited, but that’s why sponsors Roompot and Rowingbike especially liked to give him a Rowingbike.